International IAAP Meetings and Events

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Annual Events and Conferences

  • Education Forum and Annual Meeting (EFAM) July 26, 2014; Milwaukee, WI

    "IAAP’s EFAM 2014 will equip you with the professional tools, techniques and network needed to make your office effective and efficient every day. Stop playing catch-up when new demands dawn at
    work. Get the right training in technology, communications, and professional development".

  •  Administrative Professionals Conference April 16, 2014 - RCTC Heintz Center
    Opportunity to re-energize yourself while gaining new skills and techniques that will assist you in playing a vital role to the success of your organization.  Register at 

  • MN-ND-SD Spring Professional Conference May 16-18; Minneapolis MN
    This event showcases educational speakers, covering topics that inspire and motivate administrative professionals to be more efficient and effective. Fore more information and to register go to and follow the appropriate link.